What is voice over and how can it help me?

Headphones and cord
If you use ads, videos, even on-hold messaging in your business and marketing, you want a professional voice over.

9 out of 10 film/TV/Youtube/commercials you’ve seen has Voice over in action. It’s one of the best known, most used tricks in video and film. To borrow an example from lemonlight, imagine this.

You’re looking out over a sweeping landscape from an aerial view, mesmerized by the heights and gorgeous cliffside forest below you, when an epic, Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough style voice booms out from somewhere behind the camera: “Nature… the great outdoors…” 

That’s voice over.

Now, how does that help you? A quick google search will bring up lots of research about how much more we all connect to audio-visuals with a human voice. If you’re interested in the research, Wideo does a great summary and Minimatters talks about how to choose a voice over artist including when to use a female voice over and when to use a male. Meanwhile, I leave you with 3 points to consider:

  • Let’s get personal. Voice overs bring something uniquely personal to your videos, and even your on-hold messaging. I’m here to add another layer to your branding.
  • Let’s get emotional. In your marketing, you want to find the best way to engage emotionally with your audience; you want to talk to them. I’m the voice that helps you connect.
  • Let’s get an improved response. When you connect on a personal and emotional level, your audience listens. And are more likely to respond favourably.